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The Woman Trips in India

The incredible solo travel destinations for women in India

India is a happy and hospitable country and hence women who are thinking to travel to India from abroad or the Indian women who are planning to travel solo can do so without thinking much. Every place would have some positives and some negatives. But if you consider that how to take advantage of the positive options then you will know how travelling can enhance the quality of your life. If you are looking for solo travel destinations for women in India then here’s the list for you.

Think of visiting Goa as it is an amazing place

Goa is truly an amazing place. It is already an attraction for the tourists. Those who have myths about the safety concerns in Goa should alter their thoughts. This is because, apart from what people know about Goa, there are many places and beaches which are unexplored. There is flea market, water sports, casino and so on. When you are travelling alone, you should just be careful about the belongings.

Shillong is rightly called as Scotland of the East

If you are planning to explore the eastern part of India then you should visit Shillong. This is because; it is one of the best places that you can get through. There are waterfalls, pine trees, sightseeing areas and even options for sport and adventure loving people. It is referred to as Scotland of the Eastern India.

Lahual and Spiti are for those who want to get close to the nature

For solo travel destinations for women in India one can even check online. You will see that more and more people are opting for the Spiti Valley these days. It is one if the best tourist destination and has safe lodging and boarding facilities. There are mountains and breath taking views which can really be the point of attraction for most of the women.

Get spiritual vibes at Varanasi

If you really area spiritual person or are interested in getting some spiritual vibes then there can be no better place in India than Varanasi. It is really one of the beautiful places and at the same time it is a place where you can unite with people who knows better about religions and other aspects. So, just figure out the good hotels here and see how you can find the relevant solutions.

Pondicherry is a good place for wanderers

If you believe in learning through wandering the travelling to Pondicherry will really help you in enhancing your limits. So, just keep an eye on how you wish to enjoy and get into the travel mode.Solo women travelling has been a trend these days and so just have fun and see how you can keep yourself on the different mode which is also quite important to make your life complete. You will get to learn a lot of things and that can surely give you a surprise too. If you are looking forward for more destinations then you can get in touch with us via phone on +91-9024389625 mail:- info@femmetrip.in

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