• Monday - Saturday: 1000 - 1830 hours (IST)
  • Sunday : 1400 - 1830 hours (IST)

Ladakh - Land of High Passes


Desolate moonscapes and wastelands, a bastion of the arts and a unique lifestyle, Ladakh is a land like no other; mystic, pristine and remote, often referred to as the land the world forgot. The land has been bestowed with divine magnificence in gigantic proportions. It is difficult to find anything in Ladakh that is petite in its proportions – well, anything except its people. Warm, rosy cheeked and ever smiling, the populace of this cold desert infuses the land with warmth that is beyond compare. Leh is where your adventure in Ladakh begins. Traveling in and around Leh covering Alchi and Lamayuru opens up the unknown vistas of one’s mind - vistas that one didn’t know existed. The exalted mountains, the plunging gorges, the extensive valleys, and the never ending almost level barreness, redeemed only by a few shrubs and bare carcasses of once green trees- leave you to experience feelings that are holy and yet unnamed.

Delhi – Leh – Alchi – Leh (07 Nights / 06 Days)