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Food Tour – North India
Delhi – Amritsar – Jaipur – Agra – Lucknow (including Tea with Nawab) (11 Nights / 12 Days)

India cuisine is legendry and has over the time evolved from outside influences. It has continuously evolved over the centuries influenced by various invaders and traders who passed through India. Cuisine has become an integral part of the culture of India. Traditionally, the highest level of Indian cuisine has been found in the royal kitchens of the Maharajas, the one-time rulers of India's princely states, but with the disappearance of the Maharajas, that great culinary tradition-passed down through the years from cook to cook as a kind of gospel for the table-has been nearly forgotten. Get an insight into some of royal cuisines by the Maharaja & Maharani and also cuisines brought by the Mughals from Persia in 12th century, that over the time got has greatly influenced by the Indian spices and thus a evolved into a new Mughlai cuisine in India. Lastly enjoy unique Awadhi Cuisine, that too trace its roots to those of Central Asia & the Middle East. However Awadh, greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques, its cooks gave birth to a totally new style of cooking that is today known as “Dum style of cooking” or the art of cooking over a slow fire. In this programme enjoy a rare glimpse of royal cuisine and the evolution of Mughlai cuisine and the living experiences but also helps you discover the architectural and engineering legacies of the twin cities of Delhi & Agra. Explore the vast wealth of culture and history left behind by various ruling dynasties brings in the by-lanes of the cities.

Highlight: How awesome it would be, to meet a descendant of the Nawab over an afternoon tea. Talk to him about all that he has seen changing over the years in Lucknow, know a bit about his family and experience the innate etiquettes, the mannerism and the art of speech that is mastered by him. We take you for this one to one session, after the city tour of Lucknow, where you interact with Nawab Sahib on diverse topics of history, craft and cuisine over a cup of tea that he is always delighted to serve you when at his home in his decked up small family museum that houses inherited antiques.

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